What Is A Sorority?

A sorority is an organization of female students in college who build lifelong friendships with one another. They are united by common goals and are committed to one another for life. There are varying type of sororities, each of which share common ideals and principles in which all members believe and support.

Social sororities are one common type although there are also multicultural, service, professional, academic and honor societies as well. Sororities are selective in nature, striving to select members who will forward the organization’s core goals.

Greek organizations at University of Illinois are overseen by the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Office, which consists of four councils who serve as support and advocates for the many Greek organizations on campus.


OK, so what is Alpha Omega Epsilon?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority comprised of female engineering and technical science majors. From the day of its inception on November 13, 1983, Alpha Omega Epsilon has strived to promote friendship, professionalism, leadership, and scholarship throughout its many chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Alpha Omega Epsilon is an associate member of Panhellenic Council at University of Illinois.

If you would like to learn more please visit our international website. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our chapter here at UIUC, please email our Vice President Julia Roessler or sign up for our recruitment mailing list HERE to get notifications of upcoming events.