As we wrap up winter break, it is time to step into a new year and semester of growth. Growth was my keyword for 2023 as I have experienced an abundance of personal and professional growth, however, there is still a lot more to go, both physically and mentally. Going back to campus is definitely a transition from the tranquility and comfort of my home, and the biggest transition back for me has to be the absence of family constantly around. It is easy to feel isolated on campus without loved ones. I found that being involved in activities has fulfilled this loneliness. I’m excited to go to A.O.E. events and see friendly faces. Attending the fun, themed recruitment events has been the highlight of my semester since I joined freshman year!

I am thankful for the connections the University and A.O.E. have brought me. Since I started internship recruiting early on, I’m happy to say I am interning at Amazon as a software development engineer intern this upcoming summer. Having this under my belt has helped me relax over break and also encourage others to strive for their dream companies. Stay tuned for more posts regarding the interview prep process and any advice I can pass on to future sisters!

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